Snow park may see some use yet

With this week’s weather definitely not very winter-like, especially for early January, the owner of the Little Beaver Snow Park here hopes it will open in some capacity before long.
“We’re looking at doing something at a marginal level very soon,” Bob Hamilton noted Monday, referring to possibly opening the park—located off McIrvine Road near the landfill site—to sliding activity.
“I’ve got money in this and we really have to do something to get some use out of it,” he added.
But unless more snow accumulates, the park likely won’t be used to its full capacity for skiing and snowboarding this winter.
“I experimented Friday and had some kids out with their snowboards just to see how things were,” Hamilton said. “The consensus was it really isn’t good enough for the public right now.
“It’s a liability thing. We need a better base of snow if we’re to have a safe and usable park,” he explained.
Little Beaver Snow Park features six tubing runs, as well as lots of room for skiing and snowboarding. There’s also two cable tows to the top of the hill, an operator’s kiosk on the top and bottom of the hill, and a shelter to warm up in.
Hamilton began planning the park about five years ago, with construction getting underway in September, 1999.
“I’ve been particularly frustrated by the weather. It’s been three years in a row,” he lamented. “I thought the odds were in my favour this year, but it seems Mother Nature is against me.”
Ironically, Hamilton said the park actually has been expanded over the past three years as the lack of winter use has given him time to develop it from a basic design for a first-year trial run to something close to what he envisioned it to look like after several seasons.
“I hope everybody starts praying for snow,” he chuckled. “I know my knees are worn out.”