Sliding scare sparks warning

The Fort Frances Fire Department is warning parents to be aware of the potential danger of sliding on the hill near the sewage treatment plant.
Firefighters were called there around 1:50 p.m. on Saturday, responding to a report of a young boy having fallen into the river after sliding out onto the ice with his sled.
“Just as firefighters were arriving on the scene, it was reported that everything was fine,” Fire Chief Steve Richardson said Monday morning.
“We found out the child hadn’t gone into the water, just onto thin ice,” he noted. “The boy’s father managed to get him off the ice before it could break.”
The three-year-old was not injured, a family member reported.
While this was the first report of its kind this winter, Chief Richardson said the fire department doesn’t want to see any more.
“We strongly recommend that parents warn their children of the dangers of tobogganing near the river. It’s a fast-moving river,” he stressed.
But with the hill at the overpass posted as “No sliding” by the town, and Bob Hamilton’s hill near the landfill site not yet open, the hill near the sewage treatment plant technically is the only place where kids can slide here.