Separate board to elect chair, vice-chair

The Northwest Catholic District School Board will elect its chair and vice-chair for 2002 at its regular monthly meeting Saturday morning in Dryden.
“I’ve expressed a willingness to serve as chair or vice-chair again,” current board chair Gerry Rousseau said this morning.
Any of the other trustees, including current vice-chair Bev Kondra, Mark Chojko-Bolec, Wade Petranik, Cynthia Bernie-Cossais, Cheryl Lovisa, and Anne- Marie Fitzgerald, could be nominated for chair and vice-chair Saturday.
“We’ve had a really good year,” Rousseau said. “First, we hired the director [John Madigan] in the summer, and a new HR [Dina Gardiman] in the fall, so that’s a significant change in senior administration.
“And the big thing we’re still working through is the strategic plan,” he added. “We’re hoping to get some stakeholder feedback on that, some of which we might get at Saturday’s meeting.”
Also on the agenda for Saturday’s meeting include:
•a profile of St. Joseph’s School;
•strategic planning reports from all the schools under the board;
•a budget variance report for September-November, 2001, including the projected 2001-02 budget based on enrolment as of Oct. 31, and the effect of enrolment changes on 2001-02 revenues; and
•the November/December personnel report, indicating the hiring of one half-time interim administrative assistant at the board office in Fort Frances.
The meeting starts at 10:30 a.m. at St. Joseph’s School in Dryden.