Safeway tops division with charity campaign

Canada Safeway staff were thrilled to learn their 1999 fundraising campaign for the Riverside Foundation for Health Care raised more money than any other store in their operating area this year at a special meeting in Winnipeg last weekend.
“It’s fantastic–we’re the number one store,” enthused assistant manager Dale Fortes earlier this week.
Beating out its two major competitor stores in Dryden and Steinbach, the store here raised $18,000 during the 1999 campaign, which included many barbecues, “top-up” days, casual dress days, and big events like the “Coke Castle Selloff” two weeks ago.
Taking top honours will mean even money for the Foundation as well. “The Winnipeg office will kick in an extra $1,500,” enthused Fortes, bringing the 1999 contribution up to $19,500 here.
Although the store was hoping for an even bigger boon, the head office changed its 50 percent top-up policy from last year, and divided its contribution among the top five fundraising stores.
What will be purchased with the money will be determined in the next few weeks. Last year’s total of $14,000 was used to purchase a laprascope for the surgical services wing at La Verendrye hospital here.
Fortes related that he was once again pleased to support the Foundation for a second year.
“I think [adopting a charity] is a great idea,” he remarked. “It’s very satisfying to see a small community come together and produce those kinds of numbers.
“We blew away the competition in Winnipeg,” he added.
As to whether Safeway will adopt Riverside for yet a third year remains to be seen until next month.
“Suggestions will be given by employees, and we’ll make up ballots,” Fortes said, noting the store’s charity is determined by its employees.
“Already, a lot of people have come into the store wanting us to support their charity,” he noted.
Safeway stores across western Canada have made it policy to adopt a community charity on an annual basis since spring of last year.