Riverside to receive more funding from province

Riverside Health Care Facilities will receive a 2.3 percent increase in funding from the province for the 2001/2002 fiscal year–that’s $342,200 more than last year.
The gain is part of a province-wide budget hike–totalling $450 million–announced by Health and Long-Term Care Minister Tony Clement July 16. The funds will be distributed among the more than 160 hospitals and health care facilities across Ontario.
“Obviously I’m glad to see the extra funding,” Wayne Woods, C.E.O of Riverside said Monday. “Certainly I would have hoped for something more, but I suspect that in the future it will be re-visited (by the province).”
Woods noted that the money will be split between La Verendrye hospital here, the Emo Health Centre, and the Rainy River Health Centre.
“That money applies to Riverside as a whole, we just distribute it as needed amongst the three institutions,” he said, adding, “There are 30 departments, and everybody submitted their budget requirements early last spring.”
Woods said it isn’t clear yet what exactly the funds will go towards.
“It’s hard to say (how the funds will be allocated.) We’ll use it generally to keep the place going,”
However, he did note that Riverside is plagued with the same problem that health care facilities across Ontario face.
“We’re looking for the same thing as everyone else and that’s more nurses,” he remarked.
A July 16 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care press release stated the funding increase is to ensure hospitals are in a solid financial position for the 2001/2002 year. The announcement means hospitals are now receiving 5.5 percent more base funding than last year, and 28 percent more than five years ago.