Raising money by the book

The Fort Frances Police Sports Club has come up with a way to raise safety awareness and funds for community events at the same time.
And they’re doing it by the book.
The club is putting together a safety awareness book to be handed out to children across the district.
Dan Henry, who has been hired to sell ads via telemarketing, said the book will be an asset for any household.
“We want [the kids] to take it home. It’s more for parents,” Henry said, noting the book–once finished–will cover everything from farm and traffic safety to CPR.
Though it’s being offered free to the public, Henry admitted there were some costs.
“We need people to help out by buying support ads,” he admitted.
Henry has been soliciting local businesses and families for the past week, and so far, he’s managed to raise about $5,000. And local response to the project has been fantastic.
“I look after these programs for various police associations,” he said. “This has to be the best one.”
Cst. Steve Maki, community services officer for the OPP here, along with Cst. Mark Boileau, will hand the safety booklets out when they visit district schools.
“They’re creating a great book,” Cst. Maki enthused, adding most of the profits were going back to community youth events. “And here’s a great way to raise money and hand it out back to the kids.”
Henry said about 25 percent of the money raised will go to the police sports club. The rest goes towards the cost of publishing the book and salaries for the people hired to do the telemarketing.
“Once we go through the phone book, we’re finished,” he said, noting he’s asking people to drop off their donations at their office at 310 Church Street, right below the dental offices.
If you can’t drop off your donation, Henry said it can be arranged to be picked up at your door.
Under no circumstances is money taken directly over the phone. Anyone doing so is not associated with this fundraising drive.
“We’re not asking for credit cards or anything like that,” he stressed.