Rainycrest still not open to admissions

Press Release

In February, 2018, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care closed Rainycrest Long-Term Care Home to admissions due to repeated non-compliance issues.
The ministry re-inspection of the home occurred again in July.
While we have made significant improvements and had compliance orders lifted for infection control, maintenance, and quality programs, there remains some level of non-compliance in the areas of care planning and staffing.
In addition, as a result of our most recent inspection, the ministry has identified new compliance orders in the areas of safe lifts and transfers, and physiotherapy.
At this point, Rainycrest will remain closed to allow us to rectify the outstanding orders.
“We are aware of the impact the closure to admissions has placed on residents, families, staff, and all of the Rainy River District,” said Ted Scholten, president and CEO of Riverside Health Care.
“We continue to strive towards rectifying our areas of non-compliance and re-opening Rainycrest to admissions,” he noted.
During our ongoing re-inspections, it has become self-evident that a comprehensive review of care practices, beyond that of our compliance orders, is appropriate to ensure we are providing safe quality care to our residents.
While you may have noticed recent management changes in the home, we are committed to building the best care team for those we serve.
The organization has obtained support from the ministry to pursue third-party management, under the directive of Riverside, to ensure the home achieves compliance and that the management team is strengthened through successful recruitment.
We would like to acknowledge the efforts of our dedicated Riverside staff, and their efforts to improve the quality of care at Rainycrest.
Many positive and impactful changes have been achieved during this difficult time.
Riverside and Confederation College has started the “Living Classroom” program to develop much-needed personal support workers (PSWs) for the home.
In addition, and with the support of the Riverside Foundation for Health Care, a new resident information system is being implemented at Rainycrest that will reduce the paperwork for staff and improve the checks and balances that ensures all residents receive the specific care they require.
“On behalf of the entire Riverside Health Care board, the importance of Rainycrest to the Rainy River District and our entire community cannot be understated,” said Riverside board chair Jan Beazley.
“We support the entire Riverside/Rainycrest team, from support staff to physicians, to ensure the safe delivery of quality resident care,” she added.
“We look forward to the re-opening of our home to admissions.”