Rainycrest expansion underway

A $550,000 expansion at Rainycrest Home for the Aged here will allow less cognizant residents to be separated from others there.
Construction currently is underway for a second dining room, which will enable staff to keep the two groups separated within the home.
“It’s basically for those patients who are prone to wandering,” noted Rainycrest administrator Kevin Queen. “It’s basically a secure area. Some of their behaviours are intimidating to a cognizant elderly person.
“It sometimes causes altercations which aren’t necessary,” he added.
The project, scheduled to be completed by December, will see 32 existing rooms designated for residents such as Alzheimer’s patients.
“It doesn’t increase our capacity, it’s just locating some people to the [section],” said Queen.
Along with the new dining room, a new, secured outdoor patio will be added, with flowers, walkways, and a gazebo.
“It will be a beautiful area for them,” noted Queen.
The expansion is being built on the west end of Rainycrest by United General Contracting Ltd. of Thunder Bay. It has been funded internally with savings accumulated over the past five years.