Rail safety in region gets boost

Press Release

With more than 40,000 km of track, the rail system connects Canadians by moving people and goods across the country every day.
That’s why the Government of Canada supports projects that improve safety, the economy, and the movement of goods and people.
The federal government is continuing its investment of the Rail Safety Improvement Program to keep Canadians safe and our railway system functioning at its best.
This year’s funding highlights a commitment to our communities to improve rail safety across Canada.
In addition to supporting infrastructure, technology, and research projects that improve railway safety, the government believes promoting public awareness of rail safety also helps save lives.
Local MP Don Rusnak was pleased to announce on, behalf of Transport minister Marc Garneau, that the Government of Canada is providing up to $788,715 to fund five projects in Emo, Kakabeka Falls, Rosslyn, Shebandowan, and Kawene.
The government’s commitment to rail safety includes improvements along rail lines and at road-rail grade crossings for such things as flashing lights, bells, and gates, the use of innovative technologies, research and studies, as well as the closures of grade crossings that present safety concerns.
The Rail Safety Improvement Program is an essential component of Ottawa’s commitment to improving rail safety.
“While Canada has one of the safest rail systems in the world, improvements can still be made,” said Rusnak.
“This investment will enhance safety for pedestrians and motorists throughout Northwestern Ontario,” he noted.
Almost half of all railway-related deaths and injuries result from accidents at crossings.