Protesters leave band office

Supporters of Genevieve McGinnis agreed to vacate the Rainy River First Nation band office after a meeting with four band councillors was set up for this coming Tuesday (March 5) to discuss their concerns.
The protesters had occupied the band office from noon Monday until Tuesday evening to bring attention to the plight of McGinnis, a band elder who said she was promised housing at Manitou Rapids but hasn’t received an apartment yet.
“We ended the occupation at 6:30 p.m. [Tuesday] but we’re not giving up,” said McGinnis’ daughter, Leona, the spokesperson for the protesters.
She did not elaborate what this would entail, nor if they would re-occupy the band office if their concerns aren’t resolved at Tuesday’s meeting.
The band office was closed Tuesday but re-opened yesterday morning, Rainy River Chief Gary Medicine said.