Paramedic given honour

Press Release

The Rainy River District Social Services Board is pleased to announce that Rainy River District Paramedic Service paramedic John (Jack) Kellar received the Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal on Thursday, Sept. 20 in London, Ont.
The Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medals were created in 1994 by the late Gov. Gen. Romeo LeBlanc as a component of the Canadian Honours System.
The award itself is more than a long-service medal. Rather, it an exemplary service award presented only to those members of the pre-hospital emergency medical service who have served for at least 20 years in a meritorious manner, characterized by the highest standards of good conduct, industry, and efficiency.
To qualify, at least 10 of these years of service must have been street-level duty involving potential risk to the individual.
Nominees must have been employees on or after Oct. 31, 1991 but now may be active, retired, or deceased.
Since the award’s inception, there have been roughly 1,800 Ontario recipients of the medal.
The awards were presented by Major-General (ret’d.) Richard Heath Rohmer, OC, O.Ont., CMM, DFC, CD, QC, who is an aviator, a senior lawyer (aviation law), adviser to business leaders and the Government of Ontario, a prolific author and historian, and Canada’s most-decorated citizen.
On behalf of the board, management, and staff, we wish to extend our congratulations.