NORA to meet with province

The Northern Ontario Recycle Association board and the City of Dryden are scheduled to meet with a provincial rep tomorrow in Thunder Bay to discuss NORA’s financial woes.
“We made an appeal to the government for some involvement,” NORA board chair Dennis Brown, who also is the mayor of Atikokan, said this morning.
“Now we get to meet area team manager Dave Laderoute [of the Ministry of the Northern Development and Mines] for the first of several meetings tomorrow.
“I’ve talked to him several times following a letter that we sent to [MNDM minister] Dan Newman in December,” Brown added. “I don’t know what’s going to come out of this, but it could be a start.”
Brown noted concerns to be discussed include NORA’s dilemma as how to keep operating recycling services without adding to its $600,000 debt.
“We know that the $7 per capita increase is a high amount but we can’t seem to do it for less,” he stressed. “That’s something we’ll have to talk about.”
Brown added the recent request for proposals for companies to take over its recycling operations, and the fact communities are intending to leave NORA, also will be discussed tomorrow.
Some 10 municipalities already have served notice of their intent to opt out of NORA, including Rainy River, Morley, La Vallee, and Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls in this district.