NORA catching up after truck mishaps

After losing two trucks to mechanical problems yet again, the Northwest Ontario Recycling Association is rushing to catch up on blue box pickups in town.
“Both trucks, including the new truck, broke down last week and basically they had to fly a part in from the U.S. and repair the new truck,” noted Pat Hickerson, the town’s manager of Operations and Facilities.
Both trucks have now been repaired and to make up for the lost time, the local contractor has been running them for extended hours picking up the blue boxes.
“Pick-up has resumed and will continue until all the blue boxes have been picked up,” said Hickerson.
NORA has been plagued by mechanical problems with their vehicles for more than a year, which have been wreaking havoc with pick-up schedules in both the Rainy River and Kenora districts.
While some residents thought pick-ups were behind schedule this week due to the Labour Day holiday, blue boxes usually are picked up on holidays unless public notifications indicate otherwise.