New art exhibit at library

Roseanne Carlson felt all eyes were on her as she hung up her artwork at the Fort Frances Public Library this week.
This was the first time Carlson had ever shown her work to the public and as people came up to her asking about the paintings or sketches, she tried to keep from shaking.
“It’s the first time I’ve ever had my work on display,” the International Falls artist said Friday.
“When I was putting it up, people were kind of coming up to me and I felt kind of nervous, but I also felt kind of good,” she added.
Carlson’s works, which range from paintings of polar bears and wolves to delicate sketches of faces or clay figures, will be on display until the middle of February.
Interested in art as a child, Carlson said she would always watch her sister, who also was good at drawing, and try to copy what she was doing. Then later, she would use those skills to develop her own pieces.
Carlson’s favourite piece is a large sketch of a person she placed as the centerpiece of her display.
“I made it so that a person can’t really tell if it’s a man or a woman, it kind of leaves them guessing,” she said. “Even though it’s kind of frustrating you can’t tell, the piece is still beautiful.
“It doesn’t matter what gender it is, whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s still beautiful,” she stressed.