More WHO volunteers being sought

“We need lots more.”
That’s what Diane Maxey, volunteer co-ordinator for the World Health Organization’s 11th-annual Conference on Safe Communities here in May, said in her search for volunteers to help out with the district-wide event.
“We have many confirmed, but any additional people should contact me and get their names on the list,” Maxey said.
“I know there’s some people out there who are friends of friends, and are interested, but if they’re not on my list soon, they’re not volunteers,” she added.
“Now that the conference is close, let’s get on it.”
Maxey said a good number of volunteers are high school students who want to work off the 40 hours of community service they need to graduate, though adding some of them are doing it purely out of interest.
Maxey said there’s almost no end to the number of jobs volunteers can get involved with.
“There’s set up, take down, ambassadors to show delegates around, drivers, hosts and hostesses to meet them at the hotels, and billets, which are very important,” she remarked.
If a volunteer isn’t sure what they want to do, but simply wants to be part of an event which will host hundreds of delegates from North America as well as those from as far away as Hong Kong, they can sign up as a “general volunteer.”
“We’ll place them where we need them to a job that they’re well-suited for,” Maxey said.