Meal tickets new option for students

Forgot your lunch money?
Kathy Cuthbertson is trying out a “safety net” for hungry Fort Frances High School students with something new–meal tickets.
“I’m trying it because sometimes they forget their money, or come to the register asking if they can charge their lunch to an account,” the owner/operator of the high school cafeteria said Thursday.
“It’s a ‘safety net.’ A student can keep it in their wallet, and if they need it, use it,” added Cuthbertson.
Tickets went on sale earlier this week, with Cuthbertson noting students have been notified of the option over the morning announcements.
“And I put up notice all over the school [Wednesday] for parents’ night,” she said.
Tickets are sold in a book of five for $20.
“[Four dollars] is the average lunch price. And with this, I don’t have to worry about change,” Cuthbertson said.