Mayor may seek Tory nod

Mayor Glenn Witherspoon confirmed Thursday he is considering seeking the local Progressive Conservative nomination in the next provincial election that could come later this year.
“I haven’t made any solid commitment,” he said. “But I do know that we need to have better representation as a riding.”
Mayor Witherspoon, who also is the president of the PC riding association here, noted he’s taking a wait-and-see attitude until a firm election date is in sight.
“If thing unfold properly, candidates will come forward and identify themselves well in advance of the election,” he said. “I will have made up my mind by this fall, or maybe late summer.”
He also charged local MPP and NDP leader Howard Hampton has failed at the job of representing Northwestern Ontario.
“You can’t continually, day after day after day, year after year after year, present yourself in a negative way,” he remarked. “It’s time for a change.”