Math test sees mixed results

The Education Quality and Accountability Office report on inaugural grade nine math test results was released yesterday, showing mixed results for students in the academic and applied streams.
The report showed high school students in the academic stream are doing well, with 49 percent scoring a mark of 70 percent or better, and 89 percent of them passing.
But the results for students in the applied stream suggest graduation appears to be at risk for those who were served by the “basic” and “general” levels in the old system, the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association said in a press release.
Only 13 percent of the students in the applied program met the 70 percent standard, while 62 percent of them passed the test.
Some 15 percent did not provide enough information to score, six percent provided no data, and three percent were exempt.
A total of 43,750 students in the applied stream and 99,600 students in academic courses took part in the test.
The assessment was administered to students in first-term, second-term, and full-year courses.
School boards now are expected to analyze this year’s results and implement strategies to maintain or improve performance, and fine tune their implementation of the secondary school curriculum.