Local air cadet earns staff position at training centre

Press Release

The competition at Trenton Cadet Training Centre (TCTC) was strong this year as 112 staff cadets strived for leadership positions to hold for the duration of the summer training season. Flight Sergeant (FSgt) Courtney Sinclair from 908 Rainy Lake Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Fort Frances was awarded with a position in Duty Watch–the main operations hub for the training centre.
“I really like the cadet program, especially the summer training courses, flying and marksmanship,” said Sinclair.
“I enjoy being able to work with younger cadets and the experiences that I get at the training centre,” she added.
The staff cadets partake in a week of training known as “pre-course” when they arrive at TCTC they learn more about their position and responsibilities.
As part of her role, FSgt Sinclair will get hands-on experience with the operations side of TCTC and learn more about the supervision and care of cadets on course.
FSgt Sinclair is a Grade 12 student at Fort Francis High School with aspirations to study law at Queen’s University.
TCTC strives to offer programs to youth aged 12 to 18 that are challenging and will help them acquire new learning experiences. TCTC strives to foster and encourage team spirit, mutual assistance, comradeship and physical fitness in a safe and fulfilling climate.
Each summer, approximately 1000 course cadets, 90 staff cadets and 120 adult staff from all across Ontario attend TCTC.
The training centre conducts a broad array of courses ranging from introductory to advanced levels, specializing in courses related to aviation, technology and aerospace, music as well as leadership, drill and ceremonial instructor courses.