Japanese intern program unveiled by Catholic board

Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton will host a guest from the Orient this September, it was revealed at the Northwest Catholic District School Board meeting Saturday.
“We applied, as a school, to receive a Japanese intern through the International Internship Program,” OLW principal Linda Huntley told trustees.
“And now we have a young woman coming Sept. 11.”
During her nine-month stay, Noriko Izaki of Osaka will be helping teachers with cultural modules on such topics as calligraphy, traditional Japanese games, and the tea ceremony.
Izaki, in turn, will get to learn more about the English language and Western culture while here.
“It’s extremely exciting,” noted Huntley. “A real learning opportunity.”
Education Director Carol Lynne Oldale was equally pleased. “I congratulate a school of that size for undertaking such an ambitious endeavour,” she said.
In other news, Oldale gave a verbal update on the Education Improvement Commission’s review of the board, addressing two specific issues–amalgamation and transportation.
“The amalgamation is being facilitated with accomplishments made in the area of communication and computer technology,” she reported.
“The board has made significant progress in this area since the appointment of an information systems co-ordinator and, through partnerships, is pursuing new ways to communicate effectively,” she added.
As for transportation, Oldale also was confident it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.
“I anticipate the new funding formula for next year will permit the board to provide an adequate level of service which best serves the students,” she remarked.
The EIC’s report on the local Catholic board should be available next month.
Meanwhile, Greg Allan, with the Fort Frances Fire Department, and Theresa Dennis, curriculum co-ordinator for the board, received approval to have the “Risk Watch” safety-oriented program implemented in all of the board’s schools.
The program is a comprehensive injury prevention curriculum for elementary students. Its goal is to create greater safety awareness by integrating “safety content” into subject areas such as languages, arts, and family life.
Other business at the board meeting included:
•approval of Transportation and Recognition of Long-Term Service by Staff & Trustees policies to be reviewed by trustees;
•cash disbursements for April;
•the decision by the director to not offer summer school to grade eight students about to enter high school;
•an outline of “Jubilee 2000” activities (a year-long series of activities in honour of the birth of Jesus Christ);
•the amendment of the pay equity evaluation plan for non-union staff; and
•reports from native advisory, animal care, salary, and special education committees.