Jam21 to offer wireless service

In a highly-anticipated breakthrough for local Internet users, Jam21.Net said it will be ready to deliver high-speed wireless service within the month.
“We had the infrastructure ready in July,” owner Dave Ashworth noted Friday morning. “But we’ve had to go through a number of procedures in the several months since then, such as training in the States and testing equipment, to finally get to this point.
“We were dealing with an Israel-based company called Breezecom, one of the largest companies dealing with this wireless technology,” he added. “So there were a lot of hoops to go through.
“They like to make sure they don’t sell their equipment to just anyone.”
Ashworth said the high-speed wireless service is much anticipated, with a waiting list of customers already forming.
“In terms that most people can understand, it’s four to five times faster than the dial-up they’re using now,” noted Ashworth, saying the wireless service operates at a minimum of 128 kbps.
“[Secondly], you don’t have to pay for a second phone line,” he added. “And it’s on-demand on-line service. You don’t have to dial-up, or deal with any problems possibly associated with that, not that our customers have that now.”
Wireless Internet customers will be connected via an antenna on the town’s water tower and one on their own rooftop. Ashworth noted Jam21 currently is looking at an indoor antenna as another option.
While details still are being sorted out, the cost will be between $50-100 per month, depending on whether a customer chooses to buy or lease an antenna from Jam21.
There also likely will be an initial installation fee.
Ashworth said wireless service has been a long time coming for both local businesses and residents.
“This is the way of the future. The applications are limitless,” he enthused. “We consider it a major expansion for us as a company.”
Ashworth said people should keep an eye open for ads in the paper or updates at www.jam21.net to find out more about the new wireless service.