Jail standoff charges still pending

No charges have been laid yet against those behind the standoff and hostage situation at the jail here in late June.
“[OPP] indicated to me that at this point, no charges have been laid with respect to the June hostage-taking situation at the Fort Frances Jail,” noted Julia Noonan, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Correctional Services.
“Now that certainly doesn’t [prevent] any charges from taking place,” she added.
“As you know, all of the inmates, the offenders, are already in custody and there’s still some aspects of their investigation that [OPP] would like to complete before any criminal charges are laid.”
An emergency response team and Tactics and Rescue Unit were called into Fort Frances when two prisoners held staff at the jail hostage on the evening of June 28.
The standoff lasted 16 hours, attracting national media to Fort Frances, before the perpetrators eventually surrendered the following afternoon.