International student struggles to find accommodations in Fort Frances

Elisa Nguyen
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

An international student says she is worried she will not find accommodations in Fort Frances prior to the start of classes in the fall.

Since her visa permit was delayed, Achsah, 19, an incoming student for the practical nursing program at Confederation College, says she was not able to arrange any accommodations and now most are unavailable.

Achsah hoped to find a shared room for females with a monthly rent of up to $500 CAD. As her classes begin on September 5, she hopes to immigrate to Fort Frances by the end of August or early September.

“I’m nervous, and also a little bit excited because I always wanted to study abroad,” she said.

Although some of her family members are located in Toronto, she says she is most nervous to be moving to Fort Frances alone.

“I just need an accommodation. I’m looking to share a room with any girls, because I’m also girl, so I would like to live with girls rather than boys. So, maybe rent that will be up to $500—that can be discussed,” Achsah said.

When she reached out to the college about accommodations, Achsah says she received a list of contacts that included the Times.

Once settled in the new country, Achsah says she is also interested in finding a part time job.

“I will not be able to work longer shifts, but whenever I get free time, like whenever there are no classes, those days I would like to work. So these two things are the main things I’m looking for,” Achsah said.

In her hometown in India, Achsah says she often volunteers for charities and currently holds a teaching position at preschool, helping young children learn the alphabet and other important skills.

Regarding her interest in studying practical nursing, Achsah says she always wanted to work in healthcare and looks forward to being able to take care of her family members.

“When choosing nursing, we can care about our adult family members,” she said. “My father, he was so sick, and I wanted to take care of him. Recently he passed away. So I think by caring for others and giving love to others, it will grow the love that I showed with my father.”

Achsah says she hopes to connect with other international students in the area. To contact Achsah, you can send her an email at