My name is Harrold Boven and I have lived in Emo for more than 30 years. I have worked for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Forest fire management for more than 37 years.
Currently, I am a coach driver for New Gold.
As a councillor, I hope to build on my vision where everyone would want to take up residence, start a business, and raise a family in Emo.
We have two subdivisions with empty lots. I would like to see, and work towards in a collaborative manner, more houses being built.
We also need to look ahead and work on initiatives that will keep our community strong and well-positioned in the years to come.
The following five are my priorities for the next four years:
1. Fiscal responsibility and accountability–I to make sure the taxpayer of Emo receives value for every dollar spent or saved.
2. Partnerships–work with neighbouring municipalities and First Nations for economic development opportunities.
3. Agriculture–seek out opportunities to diversify our agricultural base so we have a strong agri-food area.
4. Infrastructure–develop an effective repair/replacement schedule for our current infrastructure such a roads, drains, buildings, and walk ways.
5. Emo theme–develop a theme to showcase our history so people are attracted, and will stop to support and develop our local business.
I hope to provide community leadership by working together with integrity and enthusiasm, and with a little fun along the way.
Let’s make Emo a little greener by planting more trees.