Hamilton tops competitors at ‘Quest’

Lindsay Hamilton proved she had what it takes to rock and roll last night after capturing top honours–and $500–at “Quest for the Best” before a sold-out crowd of 1,200 under the big tent at the Sorting Gap Marina on Wednesday night.
Singing Save Ferris’ energetic “I Know,” Hamilton had the crowd singing along as she jumped around the stage to the fast-paced backbeat of local band “Thinking of Pinky.”
“All the contestants were awesome,” organizer Dawn Booth said this morning. “Looking at the judges’ scores, everyone was really close. I’m glad I wasn’t one of them.”
Jon Bone, performing for his third time at “Quest,” wowed the crowd with his rollicking take on Blues Traveller’s “Alone,” earning the second-place prize of $300.
And long-time “Quest” contestant Alyson Booth was awarded the third-place prize ($200) after proving her finely-honed vocal skills with a powerful and soulful rendition of Leann Rimes’ “Purple Rain.”
Booth also won the people’s choice award ($150) for the second set of the evening while Jodie Allan captured that award in the first set with her confident rendition of Jessica Andrews’ “Who I Am.”
Ian Martin won the most original prize ($100) for his acoustic performance of his own untitled song, while R.J. Noga and Blair Whitefish rocked the big tent to the crow-pleasing “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, snagging the audience response prize ($100).
And Cara Coran earned the respect of her fellow performers, winning the contestants’ choice award ($100).
The four hour-plus event was rounded out with solo performances by contestants new and old to “Quest,” including Katie Steele, Heather Mihichuk, Branda Avis, Pat Kowalchuk, Misty Christian, Milissa Klemmensen, Jason Godin, Charles Fisher, and Susie Grynol.
Also performing duets were Jessica DeGagne and Brittni Oster, R.J. Comeau and Christina Sletmoen, Leona and Marie Grandbois, and Julie Campagna and Sandra Ruttan.
The night also featured guest appearances by last year’s “Quest” winner, Sarah Hebert, 13 year-old Christina Bombay, and Atikokan folk band, “Proud Nails.”
Chickie Gibson and Brian Hagarty emceed the event, and performers were judged by Todd Summer, Suzanne Danku, and Melanie Bodnar.
“Quest” was sponsored by CFOB and the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce.