Former school board under investigation

Allegations of a breach of trust have been levelled against the former Fort Frances-Rainy River Board of Education, prompting an investigation by the anti-rackets branch of the OPP out of Thunder Bay, the Times learned yesterday.
Det. Sgt. Lorne Costigan said Tuesday he received a complaint from a local resident, who remains anonymous, that the board had withheld information of some sort.
Files pertaining to the school closure review process for Fort Frances High School during the “multi-use” debate were obtained by police from the public board office here March 20.
“The investigation’s expected to take some time due to the amount of material involved,” Det. Sgt. Costigan remarked, noting he hoped to have it completed by the end of summer.
He also stressed that this was only an investigation and that no charges have been laid “whatsoever.”
Wayne McAndrew, director of education with the new Rainy River District School Board, was very upfront about the allegations, saying they all relate to decisions made prior to January.
“At this point in time, no report has been issued or point of wrongdoing has been made by police,” McAndrew said.
The investigation doesn’t necessarily mean someone has done something wrong, he said. Rather, it only indicates that someone has made a complaint.
“[The OPP] are pretty much obligated to investigate anything that could be construed as illegal by someone,” McAndrew said. “I’m more than happy to let the OPP do what they have to do.”
“From what I’ve seen, I don’t think there is anything members of the previous board have to worry about,” he stressed.