Flower fundraiser hopes to take root

Spring could be popping up around town any day now as pots full of crocuses go on sale this week in support of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (Northwest District).
Pots with five or six imported Dutch Crocus bulbs can be picked up at the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau (located in the old CN station) this Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Money raised from the 10th-annual sale of the pots, which cost $4 for one or $10 for three, will support services for those with sight impairments across the district.
“The money goes to helping the legally-blind with talking books and things, helping them cope with being blind,” said Vanessa Hebert of the Volunteer Bureau, who is helping organize the event here.
Hebert said these funds are especially needed for those who only have recently become blind and require support to learn to deal with a new set of challenges.
So far, sales have not been going as well as previous years, but Hebert said that’s because the woman who usually spearheads the campaign is unable to do so due to illness.
“Maybe people aren’t aware that we’re doing it this year,” she noted.
With only 150 available, Hebert urged people pick up the crocuses before they’re gone. To pre-order a pot, call the Volunteer Bureau at 274-9555.