First NDP nomination meeting goes tonight

The NDP riding association for Thunder Bay-Rainy River will hold the first of three nomination meetings here Tuesday night to choose a candidate to represent the party in the next federal election.
John Rafferty, who represented the NDP in last June’s election, is the only candidate so far, however, the party allows for nominations from the floor during the meeting, which is slated for 7 p.m. at the Ukrainian Hall.
The second nomination meeting will be held in Atikokan tomorrow (June 1), with the third and final night scheduled for June 2 in Thunder Bay.
Rafferty currently is working as a communications and outreach assistant with the provincial NDP here. He came second to Liberal Ken Boshcoff in last year’s federal election, garnering nearly 30 percent of the vote.
In related news, the local Conservatives have postponed their nomination meeting—originally scheduled for May 25—after the Martin minority government survived the confidence vote on May 19.
“It’s been postponed indefinitely,” Conservative riding association president Rick Harmer said.
David Leskowski, who also ran in last year’s election, is the only candidate to step forward so far.
Local Liberal MP Ken Boshcoff was acclaimed as that party’s candidate at a meeting in Thunder Bay on May 14 while the Green Party chose Russ Aegard, also the candidate here last year, back in April.