Firefighters face second dump fire

While the fire has died down at the municipal landfill site off McIrvine Road, Fort Frances firefighters are fighting yet another blaze at the nearby Abitibi-Consolidated dump.
“As of Friday, firefighters have been working with Abitibi to deal with the fire,” Fire Chief Steve Richardson said Monday morning, adding the cause of the deep-burning fire there has not been determined yet.
It could be due to spontaneous combustion.
Chief Richardson noted the refuse at the Abitibi dump consists mainly of wood waste and processing materials such as lime.
Meanwhile, efforts at the town landfill have been switched over to Public Works crews, who are moving around piles of smouldering garbage.
“If they notice any hot spots, we’ll go back there,” said Chief Richardson.
The fire there, the cause of which also has yet to be determined, was reported Feb. 21, at which time both local and Alberton firefighters responded.
Town firefighters were on the scene until Friday, when they began assisting at the Abitibi dump fire.