Fire department needs volunteers

The Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service is looking for a few good volunteers—and the time to get involved is now.
“We’ve had some people retire from the fire service, mostly because they had other commitments like young families,” Fire Chief Steve Richardson said Tuesday.
“We have 17 volunteers right now and 20 is the maximum number. We’d like to see that number once again,” he added.
Chief Richardson said requirements to be a volunteer firefighter include good physical conditioning, a positive medical exam by a doctor, immediate access to a vehicle, the ability to work with others, and valid CPR and first aid certification.
He noted volunteer firefighters can see a lot of action as they are paged to every call the fire department responds to. And, of course, volunteers are paid for their time on duty.
“But being a volunteer is a very honourable position, too,” added Chief Richardson.
Volunteer firefighter Blake Yatchuk agreed, adding it’s hard to pick out a highlight in his 20 years of service here.
“There’s lots of times when it felt great to help out. For instance, when we’re able to respond and quickly put out a fire, people are so thankful you contained it, stopping the spread to another part of the house or a neighbour,” he remarked.
“There’s something different every time. You never know what the situation will be,” added Yatchuk. “It’s all very interesting.”
With that sense of satisfaction, however, comes commitment to the job.
“Being a volunteer firefighter, there is a requirement they must attend at least 50 percent of the training sessions and 50 percent of the calls,” said Chief Richardson.
He noted volunteers train twice a month as well as going to larger sessions throughout the year along with the other firefighters.
And as per policy of the Town of Fort Frances, the position is an equal opportunity one.
“Women are definitely welcome. There’s lots of women in the service out there,” Chief Richardson remarked.
A complete job description and applications are available from the Fort Frances and Rescue Service or at the information desk at the Civic Centre.
Completed applications in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Competition Number CSF-2002-010” must be received by the personnel selection committee no later than 4:30 p.m. on April 5.
Applications may be faxed to 274-8479.
For more information about being a volunteer firefighter, call Chief Richardson at 274-9841.