Faulty part set off siren

Duane Hicks

Local residents who noticed an emergency warning going off for more than an hour this morning will be happy to know the cause was a malfunctioning part and nothing more serious.
Fort Frances Fire Chief Gerry Armstrong said there was a malfunction in the solenoid of the siren located at Sixth Street and Wright Avenue, and an electrician has been called in to fix the problem.
“It was nothing serious. And we do know the siren works,” Chief Armstrong chuckled, adding the siren went off around 8:30 a.m. and finally was silenced by 9:45.
It’s possible the siren would be tested for a brief period this afternoon once it is repaired, he added.
The siren is one of five in town, and one of two in the north end.
The other three are located in the east, west, and central (mill) parts of town.
The emergency sirens are tested at 2 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month.
The purpose of the sirens is to warn the public of emergencies, but fortunately they have not been used in earnest for many years.
“Any time when we believe that there is some sort of threat to the public, that’s when we’ll sound the sirens,” Chief Armstrong explained.
“It could be anything from a natural disaster to some sort of transportation incident to an industrial incident,” he noted.
“If there’s any sort of threat to any portion of the community, that’s when we would use the siren,” Chief Armstrong added.

“Most notably, it would be in the event of severe weather,” Chief Armstrong added.
“That was the real intent of the siren when they were installed.”