‘Eco-Day’ slated at farmers’ market

the CVFM

You can do your bit for the environment when you stop by the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market tomorrow (June 12).
This weekend is the market’s first official Eco-Day, and we hope to “reduce, reuse and recycle” with all our guests!
First, eliminate those plastic bags! The first 100 shoppers at the market tomorrow will receive a free cloth shopping bag thanks to “Safe Communities—Rainy River District,” which represents 10 municipalities and nine First Nations.
Next, start reducing food travel miles by purchasing produce from local growers.
Several beautiful lettuce varieties, including a mesclun mix, as well as spinach, radishes, and green onions, all are freshly-picked from gardens close to Fort Frances.
The Rainy River District Environmental Stewardship Committee, meanwhile, is offering tree seedlings at just 10 cents each (you can’t beat that opportunity if you’ve got a place to start a hedge or windbreak).
You also can learn about mason bee houses and how they protect the stocky little Mason bees that are so important to spring pollination.
The houses were constructed by a local builder, which the stewardship committee sells for $20 each.
Also tomorrow, the Environmental Club at J.W. Walker School will be demonstrating how they are learning to be environmentally-conscientious citizens.
The club has partnered with the Town of Fort Frances to sell rain barrels for $65 each at the farmers’ market.
Ask the students about the advantages of having a rain barrel because it would be an environmentally-friendly Father’s Day gift.
As well, the students collected juice packets over the winter and turned them into colourful, sturdy Kool-Aid jammer bags–great as reusable gift bags or little summer purses.
This Saturday, they also are bringing their worm composting bin to demonstrate how worms can turn your kitchen vegetable scraps into rich compost.
And bring your kids along because the J.W. Walker students will have a fun table to make recycled crafts.
If you are following the triple “R” theme, you can purchase a compost bin at the farmers’ market to recycle kitchen scraps.
Instructions are included, and you can start making some of that compost “gold” right in your back yard.
Your plants will love you for it!
The farmers’ market, located on McIrvine Road just north of Canadian Tire, is open Saturdays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.