Dryden takes over recycling duties

The City of Dryden is taking on the recycling responsibilities previously held by the Northwest Ontario Recycle Association after council there approved a motion during its regular meeting last night.
Dryden will take over on an interim basis for six months as NORA works to find a company to handle its pick-up and recycling duties in the long-term, NORA chair Dennis Brown said this morning.
“We met with the administration on Friday and they offered to do it,” added Brown, who also is the mayor of Atikokan. “We’re very thankful for it. I think it will be a good arrangement.”
The city’s administration now is responsible for the operation of the recycling processing plant, and the collection and marketing of recyclables. It will have to submit a full report to council of its activities.
Brown noted the public can expect service to remain the same, or possibly improve. “We know we can make improvements. Hopefully, we can be more efficient,” he said.
As of Friday, Keith Sveinson, NORA recycling co-ordinator, moved on to a new job as a literacy co-ordinator in Dryden, but he still will contribute several hours to the recycling program on a weekly basis.
Any phone calls to the NORA office (223-1411) may now be directed to Brad Johns or Art Wellington at 223-1194.
NORA has found it necessary to relinquish doing the recycling itself as its $600,000 debt continues to rise in the face of a slumping market for recyclables, a lack of government subsidies, and the cost of maintaining aging equipment.
It is expected to submit a request for proposals in the next couple days to find the best company to take over serving regional communities.
The request has been called “flexible,” in that it considers the possibility that not all communities will want to stay with NORA after June.
Some 10 area municipalities already have served notice of their intent to opt out of NORA, including Rainy River, Morley, La Vallee, Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Ear Falls, and Kenora.