Dialysis unit

The dialysis unit at La Veren-drye hospital here is operating as expected—and eventually will see more and more patients.
“There’s seven [patients] right now. There’s about to be eight, and shortly after that, nine,” said Dr. Bill McCready, medical director of renal services at Thunder Bay Regional Hospital.
Dr. McCready also is in charge of the unit here, which is a satellite unit of the one in Thunder Bay.
“It’s funded to be able to handle up to 24 but we’re operating to accommodate 12. As we see the need grow, we’ll obviously hire more staff,” he added.
The unit currently is run by four personnel.
Meanwhile, Dr. McCready noted hospital renovations slated in the next year shouldn’t affect operation of the dialysis unit.
“It would only be inoperative for a very short time, if at all,” he said, adding access to the current lab’s water treatment system would be the major consideration.
In the plans for the $8-million renovation, the unit would be relocated to a new wing on the south side of the building.
As more and more district dialysis patients make use of the unit here, Dr. McCready noted the feedback hasn’t been surprising, considering the previous alternative–round trips to Thun-der Bay three times a week.
“I think the patients are extremely happy to have care close to home,” he said.