Council to approve new rental fees

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

The Town of Fort Frances council is expected to approve a recommendation to amend the Shaw room rental fees at the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre.

During the Community Services Executive Committee meeting Tuesday morning, Culture and Recreation manager Aaron Bisson said the library board decided to add a half day and full day rental of the Shaw room.

The hourly rate to rent the Shaw room is $40 per hour.

Although this rate has not decreased, once approved, the Shaw room will be available for rent at $100 for half a day and $140 for a full day. Half day rentals will be up to four hours, and full day rentals will be more than five hours.

Coun. Andrew Hallikas is a board member at the library. He said the library and CEO Joan MacLean did a survey and found that the town was not competitive with prices that other areas were charging.

“We checked around and our CEO found that we were considerably higher than other venues that offered the same service,” Hallikas said. “We should try to get more people using the facility by lowering the price.”

MacLean said the hourly rate is still in place, but the new component will encourage people to rent the space for a longer time.

MacLean added that the library will still be open during the modified Step 2 Roadmap that is in place effective from 12 a.m today.

The library capacity currently is at 50 per cent, which allows 100 people to be at the building at any given time.