Condo tender still on hold

Those anxious to hear the final price tag on the River Walk Condominium project will have to wait at least a week longer as negotiations continue with a Winnipeg contractor before the tender is awarded.
When the Fort Frances Non-Profit Housing committee received proposals to construct the 32-unit Front Street complex back on Jan. 29, it announced all the bids had come in higher than expected.
At that time, Fort Frances CAO Bill Naturkach told unit buyers the committee would spend two weeks negotiating with the lowest bidder, Winnipeg company Penn-co Construction Corp., to try to bring down the $4.4-million price tag before awarding the tender.
But project co-ordinator Robert Froese said Friday he doubted the tender would be awarded by Feb. 12 as initially expected.
“It’s not going to happen by Tuesday,” he said. “We’ve deferred it for one week.”
Froese said part of the reason for postponement is that Naturkach will be away for a few days.
“We haven’t established the final budget. We’re dealing with some design issues,” he added.
Froese wouldn’t comment any further on what particular issues are still being worked out. “We needed more time for the design components,” he said.