Colleges to ease cross-border courses

Minnesota Sen. Bob Lessard will be at Confederation College on Saturday to announce funding to provide educational videoconferencing between here and Rainy River Community College in International Falls.
“This is a project that Alan Rasmussen, retired president of the Rainy River Community College, and I started about four or five years ago,” said Don Lovisa, local campus manager of Confederation College.
“He and I established a joint-program where students from either side could take courses at the two campuses.
“And part of it was an attempt to establish videoconferencing so students wouldn’t have to keep going back and forth,” he added.
But Lovisa said it’s definitely been worth the wait.
“With help of Sen. Bob Lessard, we’ve managed to land the funding and it’s a significant contribution. We’re very excited about it,” he enthused.
Sen. Lessard was supposed to be at the local campus Friday afternoon but couldn’t make it due to a snowstorm in the Minneapolis area.