Chamber pulls plug on parking meter proposal

The Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce has quickly changed its mind about a proposal to install parking meters in downtown Fort Frances.
On Thursday, word the idea had been put forward to the Chamber, and included in a membership poll, had many downtown business owners up in arms.
The BIA called an emergency meeting last night and Friday, the Chamber quickly decided to remove any proposal to install parking meters.
“After discussion and suggestion by the BIA board and management, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce has made the decision to abandon this issue and will be informing all of our members about that decision by the end of the day,” Chamber co-ordinator Dawn Booth said in a press release Friday morning.
“It’s just something like this would have such an impact on the downtown core. I’m just glad it’s over,” said BIA president Ted Debenetti.
“The Chamber and BIA just started to work closely together and we don’t want to let, basically a little mistake, ruin that,” he stressed.
The resolution had never been passed by the Chamber; rather, it only was presented as a possibility to be considered by its 175 members.
“. . . a resolution was presented [not voted on] to the board regarding the installation of parking meters ‘in a geographically-defined area including, but not limited to, the downtown business core with the annual net proceeds to be used by the Chamber of Commerce for beautification projects,’” Booth wrote.
Both groups agree the issue is now dead and not likely to come up again any time in the near future.