Celebrating our children

While the teachers’ strike has captured the attention of everyone in Ontario, Country View Day Care in Devlin was busy focusing its attention on what the teachers say they’re striking for.
Since Saturday marked the last day of “Week of the Child,” Country View owner/operator Bobbi Morken decided the best way to cap off the week was to have parents come out to the day care centre.
“All across Canada, they do different activities in the child care field,” Morken said. “Last year, we had ‘Barney’ come in. This year, we thought it would incorporate the families.”
About eight families took part in the event. While games and activities were held for the children, parents took part in an infant massage therapy workshop.
Morken also said holding the workshop helped these families mingle with each other and form links in the community. And while the numbers weren’t very high, she and her staff seemed quite pleased with the turnout.
“I think it was very good to being with,” said Angela Mihichuk, assistant supervisor of the day care, noting many parents said they had planned to come Saturday.
“But I wonder if the teachers’ strike, with us in a school, might have had something to do with [some cancellations,]” she added.
“Week of the child” also is a new event, Morken said, and may not have caught on with many parents yet. But the lack of recognition doesn’t lessen the week’s main purpose.
“This party is to celebrate the children,” she said. “To let people know they should take care of their children and their quality child care education.”
“I think some parents have misconceptions of day care,” Mihichuk said, stressing it was not just baby-sitting.
“There are all kinds of activities to stimulate your child here,” she added. “The families . . . come into our centre and see all our staff are qualified by the ministry.
“They know their child is not just being shoved in front of a TV.”