30 hour famine

After a year’s hiatus, World Vision’s “30-hour Famine” is coming back to Fort Frances High School on April 19-20.
While the main goal is to raise funds and awareness of famine issues in other countries, it’s also a chance for students to gain solidarity towards people around the world.
Students have to raise a minimum of $30 in pledges to participate, and then refrain from eating for 30 hours on the days of the “famine.”
“We are hoping to have some activities for the people that sign up,” said co-organizer Sarah Hebert. “Some activities we are thinking about would be a ‘Survivor’ theme game, Twister, fly on the wall, and movies will also be playing.
“I hope a lot of people sign up. It’s going to be super,” added Hebert.
“Kids need to be aware of this experience,” said Al McManaman, staff supervisor for the 30-Hour Famine.
“We are hoping those 30 hours of not eating will give them a glimpse of what some of the people around the world have to go through every day,” he noted.
Any contributions from businesses that wish to help out with the 30-Hour Famine would be greatly appreciated. Just contact SEC president Nicole Rogozinski or Hebert at 274-7747.