Farm chores finally moving forward

I almost forgot to write “Moos from the Herd” this week! That’s what happens when the sun finally shines and the weather somewhat co-operates.
We were able to plant all 2,375 plugs of Miscanthus. Unfortunately we ran out, but we expect that last few this week.
Despite the fact I don’t want it to rain, these last few showers have been a blessing for the Miscanthus as they needed a drink after getting into the ground.
Meanwhile, we started harvesting our forages at the ag research station, as well (we are only a month late).
Of course, like normal, things were rolling along smoothly until we ended up with a breakdown. Some days I wish we had a full-time “fixer upper” person here since I lack the repair end of my job (both at work and at home).
And despite this last week of pretty nice weather, we still are avoiding a few wet spots at the station.
• • •
We finally are making hay at home, as well. Same story—we just get going nicely and we have a breakdown.
It honestly just gives me a belly ache. There is nothing worse than having good weather and equipment not working.
If we had weather like we had this past Friday and Saturday for the next two weeks (and no breakdowns), a lot of hay would be made.
• • •
My new sheep, “Daisee” and “Clover,” seem to have accepted their new home quite nicely.
I was brave and decided to fence them behind my house under the nice shade trees. I also thought, “Oh, let’s try them without an electric fencer!”
Alas, that wasn’t such a great idea as when we arrived home from checking the steers out, two little lambs were out by the road grazing!
That was the end of trying the fence without the electricity attached to it.
I also noticed that under the nice shade trees, where I have my honey suckle and lady slippers, they are now officially trimmed.
It wasn’t Daisee and Clover’s fault, though–it was mine. I thought it would be nice for them to have some shade and nice for me to watch them from the deck!
• • •
My mom’s second cousin made his annual visit to Rainy River District all the way from Ottawa. We all gathered to enjoy a big fish fry to visit and catch up.
It was almost like Christmas minus the presents.
This year he brought his girlfriend, who was born and raised in Ottawa. She thought the drive from Thunder Bay to here was hilly, and all she saw was rocks and trees.
She really enjoyed the walleye, though!
• • •
I was able to see a lot of my old friend last week at a very sad occasion—Bobby Mainville’s funeral. It was a very large, very sad funeral for a young man.
I wish his family brighter days. It certainly reminded me how short life is and that we should take the time out to visit our friends and stay in touch with people.
I rarely get to see my “town” friends and many of them are only in Fort Frances!
• • •
Maddie and Marlee made it out for the fish fry. They have been busy with summer holidays and company.
They took the time to walk their sheep, then Maddie was busy chasing her “miracles” around (the miracles are the kill-deer babies she had seen hatching).
One of the little miracles ended up getting tangled in the long grass. But she was able to catch it and check it out up close and personal!

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