Wilson resigns as Chapple reeve

Barwick council held a special meeting Wednesday night to regretfully accept longtime Reeve Cecil Wilson’s resignation.
He resigned for health reasons, but is leaving with a stellar reputation intact. In fact, many people are saying Wilson was the best reeve Chapple ever had.
Coun. Bill Clink will take over as acting reeve until the next municipal election in 2003.
Last year, Wilson celebrated his 25th year of service with Chapple council—including 12 years as reeve. Prior to that, he served as the township clerk.
Coun. Rilla Race spoke for the council last night when she said, “We’ll miss you but you’ve got to do what’s right for you.”
After Wilson called the meeting to order for the last time, he thanked councillors for all their good work. He also complimented the township staff.
He said the municipality has come a long way in the past number of years.
“I think I’ve served my term,” Wilson reflected. “We’ve made real progress. We got a lot of business done. I’m just overwhelmed with everything we’ve done.
“I’ve always had the municipality and the whole district in my heart. I’m glad to retire on a good note,” he added.
Councillors, district reeves, and Chapple residents alike all said the loss of Wilson as reeve will be felt for a long time.
Emo deputy reeve Gary Judson said he considers Wilson a friend and mentor.
“Cec did a great job. In my opinion, he was the best reeve Barwick ever had,” he remarked. “He’s a real politician—he knows how to get what he wants.
“He landed the [OSB] mill, and got water and sewer before the mill and Barwick is only a small community.
“He’s top of the page.”
“He’s been very good for his municipality,” agreed Morley Reeve Gary Gamsby. “He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t talk much but when he does, he’s worth listening to.
“He’s especially good because he’s been on both sides of the desk—as clerk [and] then as reeve.”
Coun. Rick Neilson had similar high praise.
“You might resign as reeve but you can’t resign as grandfather of Barwick,” he stressed at Wednesday night’s meeting. “You’ve been a great ambassador for Barwick.”