West end to have 9-1-1 service soon

It won’t be long before the confusion of which number to call for an emergency in the west end of the district will be gone.
Last week, Rainy River council joined the ranks of neighbouring Dawson and Lake of the Woods townships in the final push to get 9-1-1 emergency phone services on line.
Efforts have been ongoing for the past few years, and included ensuring all properties in the area were properly numbered so calls can be responded to efficiently.
Dawson and LoW Clerk Pat Giles is hoping his two townships will switch over to 9-1-1 service, which will cost every home 35 cents per phone line each month, on or about Dec. 12.
If all goes well, Rainy River should follow shortly thereafter.
Rainy River council unanimously approved a motion to authorize Mayor Gord Prost and Clerk Deb Bowman to sign the agreement with Fort Frances dispatch to start the service as soon as possible.
In addition to the monthly charge on the phone bill, municipalities will have to buy into the dispatch equipment. But Mayor Prost said the original 9-1-1 system was purchased in 1992 so the costs to the new partners will reflect depreciation.
At present there are separate emergency numbers for fire, police, and ambulance. Switching to 9-1-1 will see all three consolidated, with dispatching to occur out of Fort Frances.