Voyageurs of the Year named

This year’s Voyageurs of the Year at Our Lady of the Way School were Rylee Mowe and Kevin Tesarsky.
The day was spent in activities with both indoor and outdor activities . Students splitting into groups, and the weatherman fully cooperated.
Bouquet of roses to all parents who provided food, and also volunteered to help serve. Thank you to Calvin Bombay and Walter Detweiler for cooking and serving the fresh walleye.
“It was a successful project,” noted principal David Sharp. Thanks goes out to Mr. Tougas and all the staff to a job well done.
Next Wednesday at OLW is their annual “Sharing Meal” lunch prepared by the Catholic Women’s Leagues of Rainy River, Pinewood-Stratton, and Emo as well as the Rainy River First Nations. OLW encourages all students to take part in this. Mrs. Gamsby is coordinating this event.
Curling results at OLW: 1st–Nigel, Chantelle, Hailey and Curtis; 2nd–Nadine, Corey, Kristie, Matthew, Theo; 3rd–Melissa, Michael, Cameron, Ashley; 4th–Aleesha, Nathan, Chad, Allyson; 5th–Jennifer, Tyrell, Brandon, Patricia; 6th–Amanda, Chantel, Robbie, William.