Ukrainian Relief Dinner being organized in US

Press release

A Ukrainian Refugee Relief Dinner will be held on Wednesday, May 25 at the Elks Lodge to raise money in the International Falls and Fort Frances area to give to the USA for United Nations HCR- The UN Refugee Agency for Ukrainian war refugees. Dinner will be an assortment of Ukrainian food such as borscht, pierogis, cabbage rolls, Ukrainian pork garlic sausage, Ukrainian pickles and desserts. There will be a freewill offering at the dinner along with other opportunities to donate funds during the dinner program.

People who want to volunteer or have innovative ideas for fundraising and/or program development can contact email: or call 218 286 5649 or 218 240 5125.

People who want to donate relief funds can send checks to: Ukrainian Refugee Relief Fund, Backus Community Center, 900 5th Street, International Falls, MN-56649.  Backus Community Center is the nonprofit fiscal agent for this event. All gifts which are 100% tax-deductible will be sent to USA for UNHCR, also a non-profit 501(c)(3). 

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also known as the UN Refugee Agency, is the world’s leading organization aiding and protecting people forced to flee their homes due to violence, conflict and persecution. UNHCR provides shelter, food, water, medical care and other lifesaving assistance to refugees around the world.

USA for UNHCR is a non-profit 501(c)(3). Gifts are 100 per cent tax-deductible for US citizens. All donations are processed securely. As a donor, you’ll receive updates on how your gift helps families like these. Any amount you give can help ease the suffering of those in urgent need

The Vision of USA for UNHCR foresees a world without refugees. The Mission of USA for UNHCR, protects refugees and empowers them with hope and opportunity.

They are with refugees from their greatest time of need – from emergency or crisis and beyond through the months and likely years that many are displaced from their home countries.

They give refugees the hope they deserve, restore their dignity and help them rebuild their lives. UNHCR is on the ground scaling its response to provide assistance and ensure those displaced find safety in welcoming arms in this moment of crisis.

Your compassionate support can help provide emergency supplies, lifesaving care and protection the moment families in Ukraine are forced to flee for their lives. You will help children, women and men displaced by violence in Ukraine know they are not alone at the most devastating moment of their lives. You can help protect and restore lives in Ukraine right now, providing safety and comfort to families in moments when they need it most. Your generous tax-deductible gift to USA for UNHCR will be put to immediate use. Every second counts in an emergency and your kindness can help newly displaced families quickly find safety, stability and hope.

This would be a great opportunity for our community to show our collective support for people who are being mercilessly ravaged and displaced from their homes by war. As Father Richard Rohr wrote the following poem in response to the collective suffering of the people of Ukraine.