Son returns home to visit

Margaret Heyens had as a recent visitor her son, John, from the Canadian Army based in Edmonton. He also visited with his sister, Lisa, and family at Ignace and Jennifer in Nestor Falls, before returning to his home base.
John served with the peacekeepers in Bosnia but is uncertain of his next assignment.
• • •
Kendal and Lorraine Naucler from British Columbia presently are guests of her sister and husband, Adele and Gord Meyers. They’ll also be visiting with his relatives at Baudette and International Falls before returning home.
The couple make regular vacation trips here on a yearly basis.
• • •
Cribbage winners at the Emo Legion last Wednesday (Aug. 1) were Darlyne Bruce and Jerry Allen (high), with consolations to Bill Burrell and Rudy Meyers.
Marian Larson won the door prize.
• • •
The rain last Tuesday drove everybody to McDonald’s for a safe haven and refreshments. Most of my coffee gang was present to relax, and who else? Mrs. Halvorsen and two daughters having their treat.
It was during her employment at the Bonnie Blue that we got aquainted during my visit to pick up lottery tickets while I was employed at CN Rail in Fort Frances.
It’s not that often we arrive at McDonald’s at the same time.
• • •
In speaking with James Klug at Emo Sales about his father, Fred, he reported all is well. At time of writing, Fred was still in Winnipeg but was expected home shortly.
Fred’s wife, Judy, has been with him through the ordeal from the beginning. Their daughter, Elizibeth, and family are in Winnipeg and this was some consolation.
James also made several trips to Winnipeg during this period Fred was hospitalized.
Fred suffered an aneurysm while haying about three weeks ago and was rushed to Winnipeg immediately, where he underwent major surgery that was successful.
• • •
Another courteous employee and waitress, Leah Veldhuisen, is with us at the Emo Inn. She was on the job last Thursday when we coffee boys arrived for our break.
• • •
Sunday morning after the worship service, the congregation as usual gathered in the fellowship hall for coffee. This time around, we were celebrating an early 85th birthday for Leo Boeresma, a kind, delightful gentleman.
He still is energetic (full of pep), gets around very well, and is amusing in his remarks. Congratulations, Leo, and have many more of those pleasent days. We all enjoy your company.