Some roads still under repair

After a weekend of sunshine and hot weather, most roads that had been flooded or washed out by the downpour that hit Northwestern Ontario last Tuesday have now re-opened.
Near Morson, where residents and vacationers were cut off by a flooded road for five days, one lane of Highway 621 was re-opened Saturday.
“It’s one lane, they’re still working on filling in that hole. It’s pretty big,” noted Yvonne Gill, owner of the Morson Grocery Store.
The flash flooding had washed out the road for several metres and a large culvert had disappeared.
The store had been forced to bring supplies into the community by barge. It remained open for the holiday Monday so people could re-stock although some supplies, including bread, still have not been able to get through.
“It’s going to be a while until we’re back in shape,” noted Gill.
At Caliper Lake Provincial Park on Highway 71 just south of Nestor Falls, many holidays were extended as a flooded road blocked in almost two dozen campers until Saturday or Sunday.
Supplies had to be brought in to them by boat during the week.
“We had them all make a list and our superintendent canoed out and got them their supplies,” said gate attendant Kerry Halvorsen.
Over the long weekend, a three-ton truck was brought in to drive across the flooded strip and bring out the stranded tourists and their vehicles.
But the road leading into the park was still covered with about 30 cm of water and staff didn’t expect it to dry up until late next week.
“The staff has to canoe in to work every day,” said Halvorsen.
About three campers opted to stay in the park and wait out the flood.
Meanwhile, as of yesterday, Highway 615/Off Lake Road remained closed due to flooding, forcing residents and visitors to the numerous resorts there to take a half-hour detour.
Highway 613 north of Devlin was repaired early Monday morning, allowing residents to get through after being flooded in for seven days.
“It was washed out. They fixed it this morning,” said resident Candice Smith.