SCAP holds Christmas concert

Emcee Kaleb Firth gave a warm welcome to family and friends as he welcomed everyone to the sounds of Christmas music praising and celebrating the birth of Jesus at the Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program.
The opening carol sung was “Angels from the Realms of Glory” by the audience.
The musical by students in kindergarten to grade five, “Shine Jesus Shine,” was perfectly accomplished and well-received by the audience.
It was directed by Dorothy Quibell, Miss Husses, and Mrs. Friesen, accompanied by Mrs. Yvonne Barron, with soloists Miriam Mast and Jyri Tyrvainen.
A high school reading, “The Secret of the Gifts,” by Caitlyn Dyck, Debbie Friesen, Jeff Friesen, Jan Mast, and Christina Goodman, was an awesome presentation.
Then the grades six, seven, and eight students performed the play, “Multiplied Sorrows, Multiplied Joys,” directed by Heidi Gerber, John Loewen, and Kendal Olsen.
A famous Christmas carol, first written in the German language, was penned by Johannes Daniel Falk in the 1770s. The play told the life story of Falk from when he was a boy to the time he wrote his carol.
Translation work was done by John Loewen, with the script written by Marina and Heidi Gerber.
Narrators were Heidi Friesen and Jeremy Cole. Daniel was played by David Nussbaumer, Maria by Rachel McBride, Johannes (as a child) by Doug Veldhuisen, and Town Councillor 1, 2, 3, and 4 by Danny McBride, Kory DeGroot, Andrew Friesen, and Joel Veldhuisen, respectively.
The pastor was Brandon Olsen, the mayor Kevin Friesen, Johnannes (as an adult) by Tyson Quibell, and Katrina by Tiffany Marinaro. Hans was played by Sam Hayes and Elizabeth was Brianna Shortreed.
Others involved in the performance were Josh Boven, Natasha Byck, Hannah Firth, Brittany Olsen, Melissa Friesen, Ryan Fuhrer, Rachel Mast, and Belinda Smart.
Recorder players included the above and Tina Brielmann, Allison Barron, Elisa Lucke, Hope Smart, and Andrea Hayes.
The story certainly brought out the bright side of the Christmas spirit.
The high school choir, under the direction of Heidi Gerber and accompanied by Diane Heerema, then concluded the show.
In conclusion, SCAP principal Kendal Olsen gave some timely remarks, closing with the carol, “Joy to the World.”
Christmas blessings and best wishes for 2002.