Province announces funding for disabled groups

Long-awaited funding for Associations for Community Living was announced today by Community and Social Services minister John Baird.
While Fort Frances and District Association for Community Living workers remain on the picket lines here to back wage and pension demands, the provincial government has announced $31.7 million to be spread across 260 community living agencies in Ontario for salaries, benefits, training, and staff development.
How much of that funding will flow was not revealed today but for striking CUPE #65 workers and the local ACL’s administration and board, that funding has been long awaited.
A more precise breakdown of the funding is expected to be announced later this week.
“We’re going to have an announcement concerning the breakdown of that funding very shortly. Probably not today but very shortly,” said ministry spokesperson Dianne Lone.
The funding is part of a $197-million investment over five years to improve and enhance the independence of people with developmental disabilities.
“We want the money getting out to the people who need it most quickly as possible,” said Baird. “A significant portion of this year’s funding is going directly to agencies to help them enhance services and attract more quality caregivers.”
ACL workers here have been on strike since May 11–more than 120 days.