One new fire reported in region


One new fire was reported in the West Fire Region by yesterday evening—a 1.0-hectare blaze in Kenora District that’s classified as “not under control.”
Kenora Fire #36, located about 55 km north of Kenora, was smouldering at last report.
FireRangers have laid a hose over 730 metres from a water source to the fire.
Meanwhile, one fire was declared “out” in Red Lake District, leaving just one active fire in that district.
Red Lake Fire #39, located on an island about 10 km northeast of Keewaywin in the far north, is classed as “being observed” at 0.1 ha in size.
The four other active fires in the region include one in Kenora District and three in Sioux Lookout District.
There’s been 320 fires to date, having consumed 9,309.9 ha in total
In related news, Ontario continues to assist Manitoba’s forest fire fighting efforts with two CL-415 waterbombers, one birddog aircraft, and an Air Attack Officer, as well as five FireRanger crews and one agency representative.
These resources were dispatched to Manitoba on Sunday.
Ontario also is supporting western provinces with firefighting and values protection equipment.
On Wednesday, a shipment of Mark III pump kits and sprinkler kits was sent to Saskatchewan.
Then yesterday, a shipment of Mark III pump kits and intake hoses was sent to B.C., with a shipment of 2,000 lengths of hose slated to be sent there tomorrow.